Abstracting or generalizing?

We are born in a social set-up in which our place and part are well determined, in which our path in life is precisely emphasized, and the small incidents that occur along the way are nothing else but known, predictable variables. Therefore, we ask the world the rhetorical why, knowing deep down that life will follow the same inexorable path: we are born, we live, and ultimately we die.

The questions and uncertainty will accompany us in life, upsetting us, making us feel governed by chance. So we try to anchor ourselves tightly to the things we know and that give us the certainty of our purpose in this world. Regardless it’s about the universe or how we set the forks in the drawer, for each detail we look for a common denominator, a causality, dividing in categories, classifying according to criteria known only to us, abstracting and generalizing with the hope that all of this will help us better control our own existence.

We forget that in the end we are the most unpredictable of all elements – and thus the very target of all our efforts is the human being itself…

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