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The future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it.

                                              Alan McCullough

My dear readers,

It took me a while to decide on what to write in this section; a whole year actually. How can you reduce one’s entire being to a few words? I peeked at other blogs for inspiration; some people write their resumes; others try to describe themselves in a few sentences. I’ll say nothing of the sort; not if I have a favourite food or movie; not if there is a book I hold close to heart or the jobs I used to have; I won’t give you my vitals, or a list of likes and dislikes. They are but meaningless details that fail (miserably) to define who I really am. Everything truly important there is to know about me you’ll find in the stories on this blog.

“Once upon a time”… thus begins each and every story. I like stories; always did, really. No matter if it’s a fairy-tale or an adventure movie, a poem or a history lesson, a song, news, a play or something I simply lived or witnessed, each story unfolds before my eyes a whole new world – sometimes parallel to my own, other times so close to the surrounding reality that it’s almost impossible to tell which is which.

We all have our story to tell. Sometimes we tell it ourselves; other times there are others to tell it for us; but most times, it lays dormant within small details, within the things we make or in long-forgotten objects that once belonged to us; and the story patiently awaits to reveal itself to those who are willing to see beyond what meets the eye.

Every single thing we touch or create holds a little (or more) of who we are, becoming another piece of the giant puzzle we call “the story of a life” (the pen, our favourite mug, the piano we used to play).

There is a story for everything, about everything… even a story of how a story came to be.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer, nor a philosopher. I don’t pretend to understand the meaning of life, nor our purpose on this earth. I’m just a storyteller. Good or bad… well, that’s for you to decide, really.

Everything here is written from my very own personal point of view; it’s how I see the world – whether it’s about a movie, a song, a book, people or a real life event…

Feel free to disagree. You’re entitled to read between the lines whatever takes your fancy. But don’t judge too harshly and, above all else, don’t dismiss them as mere fantasies.

For within each and every story that ever roamed this world, however phantasmagorical or hard to believe, beyond metaphors and hyperbolas and embellishing words, dwells a scintilla of truth…

Ina Cassandra Halichias

Disclaimer: Although they are free for reading and visualizing, all materials on this blog are protected by copyright laws. If you desire to quote or use any of them, please mention the author and the source. Thank you.



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